Restocking Hour - Happy Hour At Stir Market

While we are restocking the can join us for a relaxing drink with friends and an awesome snack.
Stop on in monday through friday, 5:00p - 6:30p

  • Artisan wine & craft beer specials

  • Hand selected cheeses & charcuterie at the bar

  • Great market kitchen food specials including porchetta fries, flatbreads and sandwiches to share

  • plus...join us in breaking open some market items as we stock the shelves and sample the unique artisan products

Its LA...why sit in traffic at 6p when you can have a great glass of wine and catch up with your friends at Stir Market Restocking Hour!

Catering & Events

  • we’ve got you covered

  • give us a call at 323-879-8283 or [email protected] to plan something in store or at your place.

  • we will make it easy and the food great